5 Amazing Biscuitty Gifts

What can I say, I love biscuits or as my American friends (ha, I have none) would say ‘cookies’.

Anything vaguely biscuit like gets my tea face on and I am salivating at the cuteness of it all. If you know someone that would also go custard cream crackers for biscuity goodness, then pick these up.

1. The Oreo style mirror


BAH so cute. Cookie Mirror

2. Biscuit Pocket Mug


Okay, genuinely don’t see how chocolate can cope with this, but for a Nice biscuit or even a fig roll – YES.

Biscuit Pocket Mug

3. Custard Cream Cake Tin


This is the only thing you are missing from your life.

Custard Cream Cake Tin

4. Bourbon Biscuit Phone Case


“Hello – is it Type 2 you’re looking for…” You’ll be sliding into DM’s all day long with this case. It simply says ‘I’m British and I value alone time and snacks.” It’s a keeper.

Bourbon Biscuit Phone Case

5. Jammie Dodger Necklace


This is just lovely. When I see it I can’t help but do a muffled squeal. I wish I was a ‘Borrower’ so I could make this into a table and eat even smaller Jammie Dodgers from it, on tiny little plates. Cute overload.

Jammie Dodger Necklace in Gift Box