Totes Amaze

Tote bags are like water, oxygen and wi-fi now that we have a 5p bag charge. Although the rules are unclear – ‘can I have a free bag if I have raw meat?’

The truth is clear – that if you decide to NOT use a bag you will inevitably be that guy who smashes their low fat, high protein yoghurt all over the floor in a juggling parody.

If you do pay for the bag, you’ll resent it. The way it crinkles. The crass, cheap branding. Urgh – the cost.

Totes are the ones. We’ve picked out our faves.

  1. Pho Sho


This makes us think of that song ‘African American, For Sho.. I told her come and ride the rodeo’ – or something like that. Either way, it’s a quirky colour, it’s got a noodle bowl on it and it’s cheap too.

Pho Sho Tote

2. Grammar Bag

Love grammar,>? and know sum1 who does prehaps ? Treat them to this bag and show them you get them and love them for who ‘theyr’e’.


Grammar Bag

3. Random Crap

Say what you see.


Random Crap Tote Bag

4. Hangry Bag

As a hangry person this made me laugh. Especially as my bag is mostly made up of old Refresher bar wrappers.


Hangry Definition Bag