Gift Special: Bacon Making Kit

Oink, oink oink, said the man who was 1 stone heavier after the Christmas season.

We all know someone who loves bacon. And whilst some bacon gifts are a bit more stomach churning – bacon jam, bacon lipbalm and bacon plasters – this Bacon Making Kit looks like something that’s actually going to hit the mark.



What’s the deal? 

You get yourself a pork belly slab and then away you go. You get thermometers and all the flavours to give you the bacon of your bacony dreams. Fabulous!

Who’s it good for? 

I’m going to go ahead and pitch this at the brother who sort of likes cooking, the dad who’s famous for his full English brekkies and the hipster boyfriend.


  • Serious (ish) and not the standard ‘ha ha’ comedy gift
  • Nice artisanal styling – great for the bearded hipster in your life or your Dad
  • Good instructions and all the gear you need
  • Seems thoughtful – and to be fair, most people will relate to liking bacon.
  • Price – £17


Is it enough for a full present? Maybe not. Depending on your budget this might be more of a stocking fuller. I don’t think making up your own set is an option, sadly, but this could be a combo gift with some bread knives, oven gloves – oooh – maybe those ‘bear claw’ meat scraper things -(linky here).

I’m filling this under….

  • Bacon gifts
  • Bacon gifts for him
  • Hipster Gifts
  • Gifts for foodies
  • Gifts under £20

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