The Furbo Dog Camera: Call Your Dog & Treat Them

I saw the Furbo Dog Camera and instantly, wanted nothing more. Funded with IndieGo, this allows you to not only ‘call’ your dog in the day, but to deliver them a treat, chat to them and even know when they’re stressing out and barking. Is this the holy grail of dog ownership?

What’s it all about? 

Complete with the free Furbo iOS/Android app you can fill up to 30 pieces of your dog’s favorite snack and play a game of fetch from anywhere with the app.

Heading out for the night? The HD and night vision has got your back so you can zoom in and out. You can hear and see your dog, and you can hear them too. The built in speakers and mic make chat actually possible.

On top of that there are push notifications that come to your smartphone when your dog barks so you can soothe them in real time.

What’s great about it?

You can not only see and talk to your dog, but they can intearct with you. It captures images and you can share the pictures and recorded videos with family and friends – so the next time Fido shreds a box or mauls the postie, you can have it saved for future generations.

Two people can live stream at the same time, which makes tonnes of sense for dog parents.

What’s not so great? 

As a dog parent I am so overjoyed with this. Treat size might be an issue, with half an inch being the size of the hole. You also need a sturdy snack that won’t crumble.

One other issue could be the confusion. Ever tried to Skype with a dog? They really hate it, or mine does. Confused at hearing me but not seeing me, I leave the call feeling totally mean. However – I think the food will really give the Pavolvian touch to this that Skype calls where my dog is held up to the screen can’t recreate.

Destruction – this is made with thick 3M plastic but at £220, I want to be 100% sure my labrador won’t be caving this in.(He has already eaten 3 bras, a plug socket and has scratched in the wall in the kitchen.)

Only 1 person can have the Fido emails registered to them, which might cause a heartache is one person is working away etc. But a small, security minded downside that is certainly forgivable.

You can take a look at the reviews here and learn more about why the Furbo came to be here