The Pug Bag


Okay, I am seriously in love with this pug bag. Let me explain. Pugs aren’t my thing. A bag with a pug on it isn’t a natural step for me. However, there is something about this look that gets me. The hope. The peering face. Somehow the pug eyes aren’t as goggly and terrifying as the one near me that snaps at my ankles. Plus, I am always looking for pug gifts. My family and friends seem to love the little blighters, so anything cute goes in my basket.

So, what to say – it’s a rucksack. That is true. It is also imported, which may strike you with fear. However, it’s made to last. It’s got a tonne of compartments. Like one for washing, or for books, laptops etc. It seems very well constructed for the price.

In terms of space there are 2 side pouches, a zipper pocket and then a laptop compartment. For a spec of size that means that it’s going to suit if you are about 5.7 ft. in height.
H x L x D that is 39 x 29 x 18 cm or 11.4″ L x 15.35″ H x 6.8″ D

In terms of use – I’, going to say because of the height restrictions that this pug bag is more for school or college, or if you are smaller than the average, then just for uni or college as well. The sleeve is perfect for most 15.6″ laptops and there’s space for your cables as well.

I should also add that it is stain resistant and there are other little bits like the smooth toggles and the padded back panel ensuring cushioning comfort.

As with most bags you have the ability to move the sliders and change the fit, not sure if this is ‘ergonomic’ (is my bra ergonomic?) but there we go.

But the real reason you are here is ITS SO CUTE AND YOU NEED TO GET IT!

So go for it!

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