Union Jack Pet Bed / Carry Case

You know how it is. You get a pet and then you, somehow, make them the centre of your world. You would give them the food from your mouth. And before you’re an owner of a pet, you know what kind of dog parent you will be. And that’s when you have the pet bed conversation. Mine was with my other half. I insisted that my dog deserved his own bed with duvet and a pillow. My other half insisted that a bed should be something rugged and dog like. No fluff or pomp. Something proper.

And so, we went to pick up the puppy.  And one look in his eyes, and my other half was funnily enough insisting that he had the best bones, a dog bed made of memory foam and all the toys he could possibly need.

Funny that!

We both love this pet bed as it doubles as a dog handbag. Carry case. As our dog is over 30kilos, carrying him is not an option, but if we could, this would be the case for us. I can see this being the best pet bed for an English bulldog or even a sausage dog. It feels regal. This is not only made of high quality material so that it is durable and practical for long time use, but it’s not scratchy. If you do want a pet to stay in it, a warm and soft cushion, is the best idea, for the insulation. You will know that washing pet beds can be an absolute pain. They are huge, the linings fall apart and they bobble. Luckily, this pet bed is washable, thus you can wash it to keep the bed clean and sanitary. It’s pretty small so you don’t need a huge industrial dryer, a shake and a hang on the line will keep it nice and soft (and it smells nice after a blast).

So, warm, washable, durable and stylish.

What a steal!



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